Heads up for those of you that routinely call CGS! Effective March 1, 2024, customer service representatives (CSRs) will not speak to you about eligibility or claim-specific matters until you authenticate certain information using their Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) system.

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While the change may reduce the need for CSRs to re-enter certain sensitive health information in the interest of protecting the privacy of suppliers and beneficiaries, my hope is that it saves suppliers some time, too, by shortening overall call times.

Required Authentication Elements

In CGS’s February 2 notice, the agency listed the following elements suppliers may need to authenticate using the integrated system before reaching a CSR:

  1. Provider National Provider Identifier (NPI).
  2. Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN).
  3. Provider Tax Identification Number (TIN) (last five digits).
  4. Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI).
  5. Beneficiary’s first initial.
  6. Beneficiary’s last name.
  7. Beneficiary’s date of birth (DOB).

CTI User Guide

CGS provides a handy user guide to help suppliers prepare for each call. For each option available, the guide illustrates the authentication elements required. Below is an example when calling for prior authorization intel:









Be sure to forward this to your whole billing team to save them grief on March 1 and beyond.