I am sure you have been in this situation. Customer has insurance. Customer rents equipment. Customer changes insurance to Medicare. You ask,
 “Do I need to pick up and redeliver the equipment to get proof of delivery?”
The answer is no, but Medicare’s Standard Documentation Requirements Policy Article (SDR) does include rules for “new-to-Medicare” equipment, one of which is a rental attestation.

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Rental Attestation When a customer moves to Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) in the middle of an active rental period, the SDR requires suppliers to:
  1. Attest that the equipment meets Medicare requirements, and
  2. Obtain a statement from the customer confirming the supplier reinspected the equipment after the insurance change.
The above elements are usually consolidated into a rental attestation that is signed and dated by the customer and the supplier’s delivery technician. The SDR doesn’t provide a model statement, so I created the following example in a recent episode of (K)notes that should help suppliers satisfy the requirements. Pro Tips for Executing Rental Attestations The above is a start, but I have a few other tips you may want to consider when building your own template.
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  1. Document the relationship on the statement if an authorized representative other than the patient signs it.
  2. Print names above all signatures to avoid legibility disputes.
  3. Capture the date of the insurance switch for transaction clarity.
I imagine you are dealing with a lot of insurance switches this time of year, so I hope this helps you standardize your process and protect your revenue streams. Take care, Andrea