The "K" is silent, like knowledge.



We help DME suppliers build reimbursement mastery within their own ecosystems. It all starts with (K)notes – pronounced notes – our flagship education series.

(K)notes Prime


$600 (billed annually)

  • Access to six bi-monthly (K)notes webinars.
  • Interactive Q&A session with Andrea after each episode.
  • Streamed recordings of previous episodes.


(K)notes Plus


$249 (billed monthly)

  • Unlimited help desk consulting.
  • Access product-specific master classes and other specialized content.
  • Participation in monthly Office Hours with Andrea Stark.

(K)notes Premium


$1249 (billed monthly)

  • Monthly performance analysis based on supplier billing data.
  • One-on-one consulting to optimize billing performance.
  • Daily denials and other specialized reporting.


What is (K)notes

(K)notes is a family of services built around our bi-monthly educational series of the same name.

Each episode of (K)notes is a study guide DME suppliers use to maintain their billing expertise and avoid getting overwhelmed by constant reimbursement rule changes.

Our team of experienced billers and consultants:

  • Attend advisory meetings,
  • Work one-on-one with suppliers across the country, and
  • Comb through thousands of pages of law authoritative guidance and industry news.

We distill the important stuff down to a 90-minute webinar every other month so your team gets the benefit of all that work without the thousands of hours we spend working on it.

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(K)notes Prime

What is (K)notes Prime

We want to make sure your billing team has the knowledge they need to do their best work. With a (K)notes Prime subscription, there is no need to sign up for each (K)notes episode. The invites and streaming recordings land right in your inbox for the next year.

Subscribing to (K)notes Prime saves 33 percent over the cost of registering for each (K)notes episode separately.

It’s all the smarts for less hassle and less money!

(K)notes Plus

What is (K)notes Plus

With (K)notes, we bring the big picture to you.

But what about when you need help with something unique?

With (K)notes Plus, you can get help from our team of experts and researchers at no additional charge.

You heard right!

There are no separate hourly charges for consulting. Getting help is as easy as sending an email. It’s like our offices are just down the hall from yours.

We could make it more complicated than that, but simplicity is kinda the point.

(K)notes Premium

What is (K)notes Premium

(K)notes Premium is a regular dialogue between your decision makers and your billing performance data, moderated by us.

We run a battery of analyses using data from your billing software. Then we meet with you and use that data to:

  • Discover which payer-product combinations have strong and weak collection rates so you can do more of the former … less of the latter.
  • Figure out where cash flow gets stuck in the claim cycle so you can optimize internal workflows with the people you have available.
  • Give supervisors and individual billers objective measurements they can use to benchmark their own performance and accountability.

This isn’t a dashboard. It is not a bunch of graphs. It’s actionable information that doesn’t need to be chased or deciphered. We bring it straight to you.

Email us at to learn more about (K)notes Premium.

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