If you are a supplier with multiple locations, you know the painful repetition required for enrollments, revalidations, and even simple updates to the enrollment application form through Medicare’s PECOS online application. In a move that will surely save time and improve supplier experience, CMS included a consolidated application interface in PECOS 2.0, its long-awaited update due out later this summer.

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Consolidated Applications for Multiple Supplier Locations Instead of updating each location individually, suppliers can update enrollments for multiple locations simultaneously by completing a single integrated session. The feature is handy for routine changes that affect all locations … a change to the board of directors, for example. Instead of making the same change to each location separately, suppliers can enter the new information once and then push it to all locations concurrently. Other practical uses include:
  • Changes in billing agencies.
  • Modifications to product offerings.
  • Changes with the accrediting body.
PECOS 2.0 Fees There are no fees for making simple changes in PECOS 2.0, but new location enrollments and revalidations are still subject to the application fee, currently $688 per applicable provider transaction access number (PTAN). Other Notable Improvements In addition to consolidated applications, PECOS 2.0 includes a range of other additions and improvements to make interaction with the system more efficient. Some of my favorites include:
  • A centralized dashboard for managing all locations.
  • Prepopulated data from prior applications and previously updated fields to reduce redundant data entry.
  • Automated data validations to identify common application errors and omissions.
The new system will also allow suppliers to track the status of enrollment applications and revalidations in real-time. Though these changes may seem small in the context of modern commercial software, I think they will save time, increase consistency, and reduce errors.