Developing DME Billing Professionals in the Real World

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Previously recorded: 03/21/2024
Presented By: Andrea Stark and Derrick Stark

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“Jane quit.”

It is a sinking feeling when an experienced DME biller quits. 

Finding good people is hard, and when you do, trying to train them with a billing team that is already short-staffed makes the problem worse.

So, how is a supplier supposed to find, train, and manage a new person with no experience in a position for which success is based wholly on experience?

In this session, Andrea and Derrick show suppliers:

  • The three-phase strategy they use to turn new billers – in-house or outsourced - into self-sufficient contributors … quickly.
  • How to reduce training burdens placed on experienced (and already overworked) billers.
  • How to avoid common training mistakes that lead to co-dependent, substandard results.

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