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X-Ray is a regular dialogue between your decision makers and your billing performance data, moderated by us. We run a battery of analyses using data from your billing software – monthly or quarterly – then meet with you to implement strategies to:

  • Discover which payer-product combinations have strong and weak collection rates so you can do more of the former … less of the latter.
  • Figure out where cash flow gets stuck in the claim cycle so you can optimize internal workflows with the people you have available.
  • Give supervisors and individual billers objective measurements they can use to benchmark their own performance and accountability.

This isn’t a dashboard. It is not a bunch of graphs. It’s actionable that doesn’t need to be chased or deciphered. We bring it straight to you.

Billing System Requirements

For suppliers that use billing software applications other than Brightree, please contact us at info@miravistallc.com before subscribing to X-Ray.

We use Adobe Connect for all webinars.

Our premium webinar experience includes a single conference seat to the live webinar and copies of all handouts in pdf format.

Don’t worry if you miss the live event.  Each registration also includes streaming access to the event recording in our content library. Read, rewind, and playback as often as you like to ensure consistent, convenient understanding.

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