On October 5, 2023, CMS awarded a new contract for supplier enrollment appeals to Chags Healthcare Information Technology, self-abbreviated as C-HIT. We will let you guys work out your own puns …

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For decades, the National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC) – operated by Palmetto GBA – was responsible for all supplier enrollment activities. Late last year, CMS transitioned enrollment application and revalidation responsibilities to newly minted National Provider Enrollment (NPE) contractors. Novitas Solutions processes enrollment for the NPE East region and Palmetto GBA handles activities in the NPE West. CMS’s latest move adds an element of fairness by further separating appeals from original enrollment decisions.

The NSC will adjudicate all enrollment decision disputes received on or before October 6, 2023, and forward any subsequently received to the new contractor. As of October 9, suppliers should submit enrollment appeals directly to C-HIT.

DME suppliers wishing to dispute enrollment decisions made by National Provider Enrollment (NPE) contractors can contact C-HIT by:

C-HIT’s physical mailing address is PO Box 45266, Jacksonville, FL 32232.

Suppliers should submit any questions about the contract transition overall to CMS at ProviderEnrollmentARC@cms.hhs.gov.

We are hopeful C-HIT will launch a website dedicated to its enrollment appeals processes and publish specific policies and procedures to help suppliers.