In case you missed it, the DME MACs pushed through a Policy Article update for wheelchair options and accessories. Effective October 26, 2023, the RT (right) and LT (left) modifiers are optional for wheelchair accessories.

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By removing the RT/LT requirement, suppliers can include bilateral items on a single claim line. The claim line should reflect a quantity of two. While Medicare still recognizes the RT and LT modifiers when suppliers bill individual items on separate claim lines, claims using the modifiers in conjunction with this single line method will deny.

The option is only applicable to wheelchair accessories. The DME MACs are not modifying their underlying policy regarding the use of RT and LT modifiers for any other product categories. As such, bilateral billing on a single line is not possible for braces, mastectomy, or other items.

Combining bilateral items into a single claim line makes sense for wheelchair accessories, but it will no doubt feel wrong for seasoned suppliers. I hope this helps clarify the change.

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