Event Description

HME suppliers across the country have struggled with denials for years. To combat this, Andrea Stark and Prochant’s Joey Graham combed through national denial data and discovered the top 5 denials HME companies struggle with the most. On May 30th, 2024 they got together to chat about the strategies they commonly use to beat these denials to give suppliers a “cheat sheet” to tackle these denials as they arise.

Over the course of the event, Andrea and Joey discuss:

    • Overview of HME Denials (00:02:07)
    • Top 5 HME Denials and Selection Proess (00:05:41)
    • Denials and Resolution Strategies:
      • Denial 16 – Lacks Information (00:07:03)
      • Denial 197 – Missing Authorization (00:30:01)
      • Denial 29 – Past Timely Filing (00:40:58)
      • Denial 109 – Wrong Payer/Contractor (00:49:20)
      • Denial 4 – Bad HCPCS or Modifier (00:57:14)
    • Key Takeaways and Resources (01:01:55)
    • Q&A (In the Bonus Episode Below!)

Event Materials

Download the materials used during this presentation: 

Bonus Episode